Machine operators and engineers the world over are under constant pressure to improve the performance of their rotating equipment. To that end, the bearing experts at Kingsbury have amassed their knowledge over the years in the form of product catalogs, articles, technical papers and videos.

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Kingsbury Journal Bearings Catalog
G-MD: Thrust Bearings Catalog
HB: A General Guide To Hydrodynamic Bearings
BPG: Between Pad Groove Tilting Pad Journal Bearings
LEG: Thrust & Journal Bearings
KC: Kingcole Thrust Bearings
LEG-SL-1:Slimline LEG Thrust Bearings
CH: Self-Lubricating Thrust/Journal Bearings
FPJ: Fixed Profile, Plain Journal Bearings
EQH-1: Equalizing Thrust Bearings
NE: Non-Equalizing Thrust Bearings
PJ: Pivoted Shoe Journal Bearings
VK: Vertical Hydro Thrust Bearings
PMH: Pedestal Mounted Thrust & Journal Bearings for Hydro
TMS: Kingsbury Thrust Measurement Systems
EQ: Equalizing Bearings, Horizontal & Vertical
LH: Equalizing Bearings, Marine & Industrial Mountings
Product Overview: Advanced Bearing Technologies For Critical Applications
Fluid Film/Babbitted Bearing Repair & Service
W: If the World Turned on a Bearing - Thrust Bearings for Vertical Hydraulic Turbines
Sl: Guía a los cojinetes hidrodinámicos axiales y radiales de Kingsbury
Fl: Guide aux butées et coussinets hydrodynamiques de Kingsbury


Test Results Comparing the Effect of Reverse Rotation on Offset Pivot Journal Bearing Pad Babbitt Temperatures
Fluid Film Bearing Instrumentation
Oil Discharge Configurations in Fluid Film Bearings
Causes and Solutions of Fluid Film Bearing Failure
How to Estimate Babbitt Bearing Temperature
Kingsbury Design Features in Lubrication, Setting Clearance
Industrial Pump Bearing Retrofit Project
Shoe Temperature Pattern Variations in Fluid Film Bearings
Importance of Thrust Shoe Surface
Equalize Your Additional Misalignment
High Thrust Bearing Temperatures Due to Varnish
Dealing With Bearing Misalignment Issues
Radial Bearing Stability
Troubleshooting Thrust Bearings
Current Issues Regarding Unusual Turbomachinery Conditions
Preventing Electrical Pitting Damage
Troubleshooting Tilt Pad Thrust Bearing Misalignment
Diagnosing Sole Plates and Grout in Vertical Hydro Generators
Albert Kingsbury – His Life And Times
Thrust Actuator Designed To Provide Two Degrees Of Freedom
A New Bearing From A Technological Alliance
Special Design Features To Increase Rated Load Or Reduce White Metal Temperatures
Unique Kingsbury Thrust Bearing Used in Centrifugal Compressor to Provide New Energy Resource For Czech Republic
Denver Water Undertakes Bearing Retrofit In Hydro Turbine Generator
Machine Improvements From Directed Lube Journal Bearings
Temperature Measurement in Fluid Film Bearings
Solving Vibration Issues For A Turbine-Generator Operator
Rebuild of Historic Turbine at Holtwood Plant
Kingsbury Bearing Design Configurators
Kingsbury Delivers Better Bearing Performance for a PA Utility
Journal Bearing Vibration and SSV Hash

Technical Papers

A Self-sufficient oil cooling mechanism for fluid-film bearing applications in remote operations
Condition monitoring of PEEK bearings using temperature measurements
Computational analysis of the equalization behavior of thrust bearings with regular and modified leveling plates
Thermohydrodynamic modeling of a tapered-land thrust bearing with validation against experimental data
Numerical and experimental analysis of starvation in a tilting pad journal bearing
A Comparative Study of Flooded and Directed-Lubrication Fluid-Film Thrust Bearings at High Load and Speed Conditions
Journal Bearing Vibration and SSV Hash
Chronological List Of Papers & Presentations
Current issues regarding unusual conditions in high-speed turbomachinery
Evaluation of a High Speed Light Load Phenomenon in Tilting-Pad Thrust Bearings
Influence of Oil Viscosity Grade on Thrust Pad Bearing Operation
Performance tests of an I8-Inch Diameter, Leading Edge Groove Pivoted Shoe Journal Bearing
Operation & Developments: Self-Contained, Self-Lubricating Thrust & Journal Bearings Systems
Operating Temperatures and Power Loss of the Leading-Edge-Groove Tilting Pad Journal Bearing
Performance Characteristics of a LEG, Non-Equalizing, Tilting-Pad, Hydrodynamic Thrust Bearing
Increasing Efficiency of Turbine-Generators with Hydrodynamic, Leading-Edge-Groove Bearings
Power Losses in the Pivoted Shoe Journal Bearing
Low Frequency Shaft Vibration Tests and Analyses
Evaluation of Tilting Pad Thrust Bearings
Parameters Affecting PSJB Performance
Temperature Characteristics of Flooded PJ Bearings
Test Results - Reverse Rotation PJ
Testing Analysis and CFD Modeling of LEG Journal Bearing
Further Test Results of the LEG Tilting Pad Thrust Bearing
Investigation - ISO VG 32 and 68 PJ
Thrust Bearings at High Operating Speeds
Effects of High Operating Speeds
Factors Influencing Power Loss
Comparison of Lubricant Supply Methods
LEG Recent Developments
Evaluating Thrust Bearing Operating Temperatures
Operation Data for Large Vertical Bearing
Effect of Lubricant Supply Temperatures
Effect of Shoe Backing Material
Performance Evaluation of LEG
Study of Thermal Characteristics
Rocon Presentation
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