Thrust bearing repair

A big reason why Kingsbury bearings are so long-lasting, reliable, and provide so much value, is the exceptional array of services that we offer, ranging from turbine thrust and journal bearing repair for hydrodynamic bearings to manufacturing bearings for many different applications such as ship propulsion and high speed compressors in the oil industry.  Kingsbury industrial bearing service provides a level of customer service and support before, during and after installation that nobody else can match.

It begins with engineering and technical advice that ensures you get the most efficient bearing for your application. We follow up on that with comprehensive aftermarket support that includes bearing repair and service for:

  • Kingsbury Bearing Repair Service and Reconditioning including details listed by industry, replacement parts, and technical reference information
  • Babbitt Bearing Repair and Resurfacing
  • Bearing Engineering & Technical Support

All in all, Kingsbury's bearing service personnel will keep your bearings operating at their peak for the life of your equipment.

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Request Training

Kingsbury offers in-house and on-site training on various topics, including fluid-film bearing basics, performance monitoring, troubleshooting, failure analysis and special topics. Kingsbury periodically offers seminars at its facility or yours, designed to meet your specific needs and interests.

To inquire about Kingsbury training, call us at +1-215-956-0565 or email

Aftermarket Contacts

Jeff Blankenship, SC
Sales Representative, Eastern USA
T: +1-803-231-8227

Nic Prather
Hydro Market Territory Manager
Repair and Service Division
T: +1-530-673-6262

Email for repairs & field service and general bearing condition questions or call +1-215-956-0565.

Email for technical support.

Repair and Service Division

Customer Service - East
Jay Moore
Technical Customer Service Representative - East
10385 Drummond Road
Philadelphia, PA 19154
Phone: +1-215-956-0565
Fax: +1-215-956-9027

Customer Service - West
Nic Prather
Division Manager
209 Burns Drive
Yuba City, CA 95991
Phone: +1-530-673-6262
Fax: +1-530-673-6266
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