Flooded Lubrication Journal

Kingsbury’s flooded lubrication, pivoted shoe bearings come in a variety of configurations.

Over the years, Kingsbury engineers have refined the design of tilting pad journal bearings to increase performance, enhance operating stability, and extend operating life. The result is that Kingsbury equalizing flooded journal bearings represent the best of their class, offering customers a complete choice of configurations to meet dimensional and performance needs.

In addition to the standard line of tilt-pad journal bearings that come in a variety of width/diameter ratios, Kingsbury can provide custom bearings to satisfy individual requirements.

As rotating machinery has evolved, many types of bearings have come and gone. Today, rotational speeds and power density levels continue to increase, along with the complexity of the machinery. The dynamic characteristics of such complex machines depend heavily on the journal bearings.

Plain journal bearings are inherently unstable at light loads and can experience self-excited subsynchronous vibration during operation, a phenomenon known as oil whirl. While some bore profile modifications have been successful at raising the stability threshold when a bearing is brand new, a fixed geometry bearing is susceptible to damage from misalignment, unbalance, wear, or shock loading.

Advantages of Kingsbury Journal Bearings

Since 1912, Kingsbury has designed, developed, and manufactured fluid-film bearings. Our engineers have reviewed field and laboratory data from thousands of applications and have meticulously refined our designs to increase performance, enhance operating stability, and extend operating life. The resultant pivoted shoe journal bearings represent the state of the art in their class, offering you a complete choice of configurations.

You can specify Kingsbury pivoted shoe journal bearings in either inch sizes or in metric sizes, with standard journal length-to-diameter ratios of 0.4, 0.7, or 1.0, with various end plate configurations, suitable for nominal shaft diameters from 2" to 12" (50 mm to 300 mm).

Load capacities range up to 50,000 lb (11,240N), and operating speeds to 50,000RPM. Complete instrumentation is available, including proximity sensors to measure axial and radial shaft position, and thermocouples or resistance temperature detectors (RTD's) to measure shoe temperature.

Our LEG™ pivoted shoe journal bearing with exclusive Leading Edge Groove directed lubrication can help reduce the size of the lubricating system, as well as reduce power loss and operating temperatures at high speeds.