Journal Bearings

High-powered industrial machinery utilizes lubricated journal bearings as rotor supports.

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High-powered industrial machines use lubricated journal bearings as rotor supports.

Kingsbury designs and manufactures many sizes and styles of hydrodynamic journal bearings, all of them resulting from decades of laboratory research and application experience. Properly installed and maintained, Kingsbury hydrodynamic journal bearings can operate indefinitely.

Kingsbury's hydrodynamic journal bearings are available in fixed profile styles or tilting pad designs, and operate with flooded lubrication or directed lubrication systems. Our hydrodynamic journal technology is used in steam and gas turbines, pumps, compressors and gearboxes for power generation, oil and gas, and general industry.

Directed Lubrication Journal

Rotating equipment is evolving and so are Kingsbury’s directed lubrication journal bearings.

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Journal Bearing, Model PJ, Flooded Lubrication Type

Kingsbury’s flooded lubrication, pivoted shoe bearings come in a variety of configurations.

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