Directed Lubrication Journal

Rotating equipment is evolving and so are Kingsbury’s directed lubrication journal bearings.

Rotating equipment is evolving and so are Kingsbury's directed lubrication journal bearing products.

These bearings direct oil from an opening in the aligning ring to the leading edge of the shoe, and then onto the active surface of the bearing. With this method, just enough oil is applied to enable the bearing to run smoothly. The key benefits of directed lubrication technology are:

  • Reliable operation with lower oil flow requirements
  • Reduced power losses, particularly at higher speeds
  • Lower operating temperatures, especially at higher speeds
  • Significantly increased load capacity

LEG Journal Bearings

Leading Edge Groove (LEG) lubrication technology has revolutionized the hydrodynamic bearing industry since 1984 and continues to be our premier lubrication technology.

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BPG Journal Bearings

The patented BPG is a new type of directed lubrication journal bearing with Kingsbury's distinctive oil groove placed between the pads.

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