Thrust Bearings

Kingsbury tilting pad thrust bearings are used in many types of applications.

Kingsbury hydrodynamic, tilting pad thrust bearings, in flooded lubrication or directed lubrication styles, are used in turbines, compressors, pumps, gearboxes, motors and marine propulsion systems.

Kingsbury thrust products run the gamut from budget-friendly fixed profile bearings for less demanding applications to advanced LEG directed lubrication technology for high speed machinery.

Directed Lubrication Thrust

As rotating equipment evolves, so do Kingsbury's product offerings.

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Flooded Lubrication Thrust

Kingsbury tilting-pad flooded lubrication thrust bearing designs are the result of over 100 years of actual field application.

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Advanced Materials Thrust (PEEK)

If you need a bearing requiring alternative lubricants or for an unusually harsh application, Kingsbury can help.

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Fixed Profile Thrust

Kingsbury's hydrodynamic fixed profile thrust bearings are well suited for less demanding applications.

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