Kingsbury is industry’s rotating machinery authority for engineering high performance bearings in hydro, gas and steam turbines, compressors, refineries, pumps, marine and many other turbomachinery applications. Kingsbury bearings enhance the performance of all kinds of rotating equipment, enabling higher speeds, reduced friction losses, lower operating temperatures, more efficient machine operation and longer life.

Kingsbury engineers are known for their success in developing innovative problem-solving technologies that deliver optimal machine performance and efficiency. In fact, no one else rivals our expertise in application engineering and design. We start by providing a thorough technical review of your needs and follow up with a tailored solution to ensure that you get the best overall performance from your equipment. This applies not only to OEM rotating machinery, but also to system upgrades and retrofits.

Kingsbury’s Bearing Selection App will get you in the right ballpark, but for help on which bearing type is best for your machine design, we encourage you to contact a Kingsbury application engineer to discuss the best solution to meet your specific objectives.