Directed Lubrication Tilting Pad Thrust Bearings

As rotating equipment evolves, so do Kingsbury's product offerings.

As rotating equipment evolves, so do Kingsbury's directed lubrication bearing products.

These bearings direct the lubricant from an opening in the base ring to the leading edge of the shoes, where a thicker wedge of oil begins to develop. With this method, just enough oil is supplied to enable the bearing to run efficiently. The key benefits of directed lubrication technology are:

  • Reliable operation with lower oil flow requirements
  • Reduced power losses, particularly at higher speeds
  • Lower operating temperatures, especially at higher speeds
  • Significantly increased load capacity

Directed Lubrication LEG

Leading Edge Groove (LEG) lubrication technology revolutionized the hydrodynamic bearing industry when we introduced it in 1984, and it continues to be our premier directed-lubrication tilting-pad thrust bearing technology.

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Slimline Tilting Pad Thrust LEG Bearing

The Slimline thrust bearing is an equalized design that incorporates the attributes of our standard LEG product in a thinner profile.

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KingCole Tilting Pad Thrust Bearing

Kingsbury teamed with Coleherne, one of Europe's original hydrodynamic bearing providers, to create the KingCole bearing. This design makes LEG lubrication possible in non-equalized bearings, which are often preferred in less demanding applications.

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G-MD Tilting Pad Thrust Bearing

Kingsbury’s G-MD Tilting Pad Thrust Bearing is a universal bearing solution that can be used with flooded or directed lubrication and equalized or non-equalized designs.

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