Machine Improvements from Directed-Lube Journal Bearings

This paper, co-authored by Kingsbury's R&D Manager, Scan DeCamillo, presents experimental temperature data on the LEG (Leading Edge Groove) journal bearing for both "on pad" and "between pad" loading conditions and for different bearing clearances. The experimental results are compared with data from a computer model of the LEG bearing. In addition, the paper discusses results obtained from bidirectional testing of the LEG, and describes a technique for reducing power losses of the bearing.

Among other things, this paper finds the following important conclusions:

  1. The lower operating temperature of the LEG journal bearing is the result of reducing hot oil carryover typical of flooded-type bearings.
  2. Substantial reductions in power losses of the LEG bearing are possible, as large as 39% in comparison to losses of a conventionally lubricated bearing.
  3. The test bearing operated successfully in reverse up to 12,000 rpm with a load of 11.1 kN.

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