Specialty Bearings

Kingsbury engineers adapt bearing types and lubrication methods to special applications.

Kingsbury’s engineers are often asked to develop creative bearing solutions, customized to the demands of a given application. That is precisely how Kingsbury's CH system came about: it provides pump manufacturers with an economical thrust and journal bearing assembly adapted to their specific requirements, all the while eliminating the costly external lube skid. This combination unit comes complete with a housing and heat exchanger, saving the OEM both money and design work. It is a prime example of Kingsbury problem-solving capabilities.

Thrust/Journal System (CH)

The dual bearing CH System is the economical choice for industrial applications.

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Pedestal-Mounted Thrust/Journal (PMH)

Manufactured to meet Kingsbury's ultrasonic and edge-bond specifications.

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Advanced Materials Thrust (PEEK)

If you need a bearing requiring alternative lubricants or for an unusually harsh application, Kingsbury can help.

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