Kingsbury offers complete diagnostic services, such as failure analysis for symptoms like noise, high temperatures and wear detection. We also offer replacements or upgrades for non-Kingsbury brands of hydrodynamic bearings. Our experienced field service engineers can travel directly to your site to help with dismantling and evaluating larger bearings that are impractical to ship to our factory.

Kingsbury’s Repair & Service Division delivers to the hydro power industry a successful re‐start of the machinery on schedule with reliability through the next planned outage. Expert Bearing Solutions are assured using Kingsbury technical leadership in the following repair or upgrade focus areas:

Total Rehabilitation Solutions to Hydro Unit Bearing & Related Components

  • Load Cells, HPL (High Pressure Lift) Skids
  • Thrust Shoe Modifications
  • Jack Screw Adjusting Bearings
  • Self Equalizing Bearings
  • VK & KBV Thrust Bearings
  • Instrumentation such as RTD’s and Thermocouples
  • Pivot Shoe Spring Bed/GE Spring Plate Thrust Bearings
  • Engineering/Field Service
  • Large Close Tolerance Machining: Thrust Runners, Thrust Blocks, Thrust Collars
  • Horizontal Hydro Bearing Repairs & Upgrades
  • Customer Training
  • Guide Bearings/Turbine Guide Bearings
  • Guide Shoes/Journal Shoes


The Business Case for Working with Kingsbury

Why planned bearing maintenance? To extend the life and reliability of your equipment.

Why contract with Kingsbury? We guarantee a successful re-start of the machinery on schedule with reliability through the next planned outage. We are better, faster and offer the best overall value in the market.

Here is how we are better, resulting in more reliable performance

  • Conformance to OEM Specifications
  • Field Service Capabilities
  • Engineering Upgrades and Retrofits
  • Customer Training Program
  • Large Diameter Precision Machining

Here is how we are faster, completing within planned outage

  • Stock High Lift Skid Package
  • Quick Diagnostic and Quote Process
  • Desired State will be more consistent when existing weaknesses are addressed
  • Streamlined Value Chain

To learn more about Kingsbury Hydro Bearing Services, contact our Repair & Service sales engineers at +1-215-956-0565 or send an email to: