G-MD Tilting Pad Thrust Bearing

G-MD Tilting Pad Thrust Bearing

Kingsbury European Style Modular Thrust Bearing

Kingsbury’s G-MD Tilting Pad Thrust Bearing is a universal bearing solution that guarantees the highest design flexibility.

The G-MD bearing is manufactured and supported by Kingsbury’s facility in Göttingen Germany. The variety of options shown in the accompanying catalog allows its adaptation to the widest range of specifications and toughest applications. Individual bearing designs with pad counts from 5 to 28 or partly equipped base rings with fewer pads can be arranged. The G-MD Standard can be used for uni- and bi-directional operation with flooded or directed lubrication and equalized or non-equalized designs. They are geometrically compatible with existing competitive products.

Customer needs have always been the focus of all services and design solutions offered by Kingsbury. To better respond to present and future design requirements and alternatives, Kingsbury has enhanced its product portfolio and developed the G-MD Standard in Germany.

Further design options are available, such as temperature sensor locations, alternative materials, and split or solid assemblies. Optional spacers and shim packs can be selected to individual customer requirements for rotor positioning and setting clearances.

All bearings share key design features. The pads have rounded corners and wide radii at the leading and trailing edges, which allow oil to freely flow through the inlet and outlet of the bearing regardless of the number of pads (5 to 28). The pads are retained by a universal retaining screw that also serves as a spray nozzle in case of directed lubrication.

The bearing performance benefits from a spherical pad support commonly use on Kingsbury bearings. The spherical support allows the pad to adjust to possible imperfections in the collar or housing due to manufacturing, mechanical deflection or thermal expansion. Partly equipped base rings or special instrumentation, such as load cells for thrust measurement, can also be considered for specific instances.

The use of interchangeable pads for the various G-MD series enables us to stock many sizes and reduce the lead time for both assemblies and spare parts.