High speed turbomachinery such as compressors and turbines can place enormous stresses on bearings. Kingsbury's LEG thrust and journal bearings were developed in direct response to the need for increasingly faster speed ranges and higher load capacity for this industry.

Kingsbury's BPG (Between Pad Groove) journal bearing is the ideal choice for high speed, high load applications such as gearboxes. The unique features of this design allow machines to operate under loads and speeds that cannot be achieved with conventional flooded journal bearings.

Kingsbury's standard J style thrust bearings have been used in the refinery industry for decades. The robust design features and high volume of in-stock spare parts make this bearing an ideal choice for applications where a more economical bearing is preferred.

Quick Guide for Choosing Bearing Type

For low speed applications, those with surface velocities (measured at the bearing operating surface) less than 150 ft/s (45 m/s), Kingsbury's flooded style bearing is an appropriate design selection. The power loss benefits of LEG bearings begin to appear in the medium speed applications, with surface velocities between 150 ft/s (45 m/s) and 250 ft/s (75 m/s) and become even more dramatic for high speed applications above 250 ft/s (75 m/s). The oil flow reduction benefits of LEG bearings can be achieved across the entire speed range. As the rotation speed of the machine increases so does the benefit of LEG bearings.