Advanced Materials (PEEK)

PEEK is an engineered plastic surface on thrust or journal bearings for use in process-lubricated applications.

If you need a bearing for an unusually harsh application, Kingsbury can help you find a solution. We are adept at devising innovative solutions to provide efficient, long-lasting installations in hostile environments.

One such technology is a fluid film thrust or journal bearing with an engineered plastic surface for use in process-lubricated applications. Bearings made with this tough, dimensionally stable material are designed specifically to replace the now obsolete asbestos-based bearings found in boiler re-circulation and submersible pumps.

Kingsbury's advanced bearing pad material is environmentally friendly and can operate directly in water, process fluid or oil. Newer materials provide excellent resistance to chemical attack and exhibit superior wear characteristics, including the ability to tolerate dry start conditions.

Mechanical properties such as the tensile and impact strength, resistance to creep, and thermal characteristics are taken into consideration for improved bearing performance.