Hydrodynamic Bearings

Hydrodynamic Bearings

Kingsbury is the world leader in hydrodynamic bearing engineering and installations.

Kingsbury, Inc. has been the industry leader in the design and manufacture of hydrodynamic bearings, also called fluid dynamic bearings, since Dr. Albert Kingsbury invented them in 1912. Our expertise in the technology, operation and service of these industrial fluid bearings stretches back more than a century.

Hydrodynamic bearings support a rotating shaft and transmit its axial load to a machine foundation by floating it on a self-renewing film of oil.

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Kingsbury's very first bearing was a flooded hydrodynamic thrust turbine bearing with tilting pads to equalize the load. Other types of Kingsbury hydrodynamic bearings include directed lubrication bearings which reduce oil flow and power loss in high speed applications; and our compact fixed profile bearings which are ideal for OEM applications.

To help you enhance your own knowledge of hydrodynamic bearings, we've published the helpful "General Guide To The Principles, Operation and Troubleshooting of Hydrodynamic Bearings".