Messinger Bearings Receives Order For Major Coal Pulverizer Bearings

PHILADELPHIA, PA, August 25, 2006 - Messinger Bearings, a Kingsbury, Inc. brand, has been awarded a contract to provide 40 large bearings to Chicago Gear for use in eight Babcock & Wilcox coal pulverizers for Texas Utilities. Babcock & Wilcox was awarded the contract to supply eight identical supercritical coal-fired boilers as part of TXU's solid-fuel power generation program in Texas. The eight boilers, each with a capacity of 858 MW, will be the largest of this kind under construction in the U.S. to date.

Messinger was selected to provide the 35.433" diameter thrust roller bearings because of the company's previous experience supplying this type of bearing for other B&W pulverizers, and because of Messinger's ability to meet Texas Utility's aggressive delivery schedule. Messinger will begin shipments to Chicago Gear in April 2007 and will complete delivery in November 2007. Messinger has specialized in the manufacture of these bearings for several decades and maintains an extensive library of engineering drawings, some dating back to 1912. This order represents a re-commitment by Messinger to the OEM marketplace.