Vertical Hydro Thrust (VK) Bearings

Vertical Hydro Thrust (VK) Bearings

The ideal replacement bearing for additional thrust load capacity.

Thrust bearings play an important part in successful system upgrades for hydro turbines.

In existing installations, Kingsbury VK bearings are an ideal replacement for older spring plate bearings, offering more thrust load carrying capacity. VK bearings also reduce vibration amplification for years of reliable operation.

The VK will usually fit in the same space as spring plate bearing while offering a more robust design. Kingsbury pivoted shoe thrust bearings reduce maintenance time and facilitate installation. The VK thrust bearing's stiffness reduces vibration amplification and ensures trouble free operation. Kingsbury's design expertise and high quality manufacturing will provide decades of reliable bearing operation.

The VK catalog contains our standard bearing sizes and includes capacity curves and dimension tables. If necessary, these designs can be customized to suit your application, often without additional cost.

VK bearings can be furnished with insulation if required and drilled for temperature detectors. Shoe bodies are made from ASTM A575-73 .15-.25C steel bar; shoe supports from ASTM A322-649 GR. E521 00 steel. The base ring is made from ASTM A576-71 GR 1040 steel bar. The shoe is babbitted with ASTM 823 Grade 2 material.

If none of our catalog bearings suits your existing envelope, please consult our sales engineers for a customized design.