NE Thrust Bearings

The ideal bearing for pumps, horizontal motors and other applications with small axial spaces.

Kingsbury's NE bearings, without our load equalizing feature, are perfect for applications such as pumps and horizontal motors, which often have lower thrust loads (under 2 MPa) and relatively low operating speeds (sliding velocities under 70 m/sec). These are particularly useful in cases where there is limited axial space for the bearing. Kingsbury's NE bearing is dimensionally interchangeable with the non-equalized M-style thrust bearings commonly found in Europe. Such bearings have standardized thrust pads installed in configurations varying from six to eighteen pads, depending on the shaft diameter to be accommodated and on the load to be borne.

As the pad geometries are well established for many decades and are interchangeable over a wide range of bearings sizes, Kingsbury maintains a considerable inventory of each type at Coleherne Ltd, conveniently located near Manchester, UK. Kingsbury's NE bearings not only have the same overall dimensions as the M style's, but the pads are also drop-in replacements for those manufactured by the former Glacier Bearings, making them ideal for emergency breakdowns. For ease of identification of pads and bearing assemblies, Kingsbury has adopted the European numbering scheme. For future information, please download our brochure NE. You may also fill out and submit us your request for quotation.