Process Machinery & Special Applications

Kingsbury Expert Services For Process Equipment


Kingsbury's engineered products are capable of handling the most extreme machinery requirements: heavy loads, impact-loading, wide fluctuations in rotational shaft speeds, and a variety of environmental and spatial constraints. Kingsbury supports these products in the aftermarket with a fully trained Field Service staff, replacement components, and design upgrades and retrofits.


A few of these special applications include:

  • Air Preheaters - heavy loads extremely low speeds
  • Paper & Pulp Refiners - heavy, impact loads; hydraulic piston designs for automated clearance adjustment
  • Rock Crushers & Pulverizers - heavy, impact loading, low shaft speeds
  • Large Industrial Fans & Blowers - critical air-handling machinery
  • Deep Well Pumps - process-lube, high bath temperature
  • Industrial Clutch Applications - unique geometries
  • Cement and Steel Mill Machinery - large journal bearings
  • Test Stand Equipment - heavily instrumented bearings

Kingsbury has the expertise to evaluate, repair, and offer upgrades to keep your operation running as smoothly as possible.

Journal shoes before repair
Journal shoes after repair

Process Machinery Image Gallery

Machining a spindle bearing
Evaluating bearing performance in a pulp refiner