Current issues regarding unusual conditions in high speed turbomachinery

The hydrodynamic bearing is a remarkable device, capable of supporting extaordinary loads at high speeds for decades with little or no wear. However, there are a number of factors, including lubricant contamination, misalignment, vibration and other undesirable operating conditions, that can degrade bearing performance.

At Kingsbury, we know that bearing failure can have devastating consequences to our customers' equipment, so we have devoted considerable effort to studying and testing bearing behavior under adverse and unusual operating conditions, and then designing solutions.

The technical paper "Current issues regarding unusual conditions in high speed turbomachinery" by Scan DeCamillo, Kingsbury's Manager of Research & Development, details test results and insights on four specific issues:

  • Reverse rotation on offset pivot journal bearings
  • Low amplitude broadband radial vibration
  • Sub-synchronous axial vibration
  • High thrust bearing temperature under low load conditions


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